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Brand Creation & Packaging

Project Details

Create a new brand/product that is accessible for a marginalized group within the topics of health, consumer goods, food accessibility, and education.


When refugees arrive in America they lack a lot of things, but one thing they really need are hygiene products. They also need to be able to support themselves and become financially independent.


samesoap is a local company that does both of those things. We create sustainable hygiene products. samesoap wants to help refugees become financially stable and self reliant. We also hire refugees and give them jobs. samesoap is a buy one, donate one company. We also work with local refugee organizations to donate products to refugees who need hygiene products.


  • – Refugees often live in densely populated areas with makeshift shelters without proper water or sanitation systems.
  • – Untreated water and lack of proper sanitation and hygiene put refugee health, education, and livelihoods at risk.
  • – According to the International Rescue Committee (IRC), hygiene items are to be the top priority when it comes to donations. These hygiene items are essential to helping refugees stay healthy.
  • – There are approximately 60,000 Refugees live in Utah. The majority of those refugees live in Salt Lake County.


samesoap’s logo was designed to feel friendly and approachable. The logo has soft edges to reinforce the idea of this being a soap company through the shapes used in the logo.


samesoap uses sans serif typefaces because of its soft corners and its simplicity. It feels approachable and that is the feeling that the brand conveys. 


Color Palette:

Brand Application:

Real life application of the samesoap logo.


  • – We wanted to create packaging that was easily recognizable by shape on the shelf.
  • – The designs on the packaging reflect the ingredients used in our products.
  • – Most shampoo bottles aren’t recyclable, but our products are created by using compostable paper to reduce the impact on the environment.

Packaging Prototype

Ambient Ad:

We designed a hand washing station ad to promote samesoap products and the message of the brand.


The goal of this campaign is to draw attention to the company and promote the buy one give one campaign for the refugees. 

Design Concept:

The design concept was to place and use our products in a public space where people would interact with them. We created a video that tells our brand story that people can watch while using the hand washing stations.

Final Storyboards:

These storyboards show what the video playing behind the wash stations will be like. The goal of the video is to tell our brand story.  

Final Ad Mockup:

This is the final mockup for the ad campaign. It features two wash stations with the video playing on a screen behind them.