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Mobile App & Responsive Website Design

Project Details

Create a mobile app and a responsive website for your social good company.


Based on my research I discovered that about 50% of Americans donate every year. Most of the time these donations go to help people they don’t know. I created neighbor2neighbor which allows the donations to be put to use in their community. The official poverty rate in America in 2022 was 11.5%, which is 37.9 million people living in poverty. neighbor2neighbor wants to allow people who are struggling to get the supplies they need.  

Usability Studies:

For this project I performed a usability study. This study was unmoderated usability. The goal of the usability study was to make sure the design was straightforward and easy to use. I received valuable feedback that helped me take my wireframes to the final design.

For more detailed information on this project view my slide deck.