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Azul Galleria

App Design

Project Details

Create and design an app for an art gallery that includes an auction feature.


According to research museum and auction attendance has been trending down since the early 2000’s. Overall art events attendance is also trending down. There are many reasons for this, but one is that people are very busy. Whether that be with work, family or other engagements people don’t have the time to enjoy art. Creating an app that allows people to engage with and purchase art allows people to enjoy art without having to have plans in place.

Usability Studies:

For this project I performed two different rounds of unmoderated usability studies. Each round of the usability study had the same goal, to make sure the app was straightforward and easy to use and to work out any bugs in the system. I received valuable feedback that helped me take my wireframes to the final design.

Before usability studies
After usability studies

For more detailed information on this project view my slide deck.